Mack's Fish Camp & Gladesmen Culture
Mack's Fish Camp & Gladesmen Culture

 The Devils Horse

In 1952, while on a fishing trip with his life long friend, Marvin Smith. Mack Jr. was dealing with the unliklyhood of being out fished by Marvin. At some point in the day, (perhaps the Pabst Blue Ribbon or the Vodka, I'll most likely never know) my grandfather, Mack, realized how he was being out fished. So the fishing continued and Marvin's stringer kept getting full faster than Mack's, when all of a sudden a moccasin swam up to the stringer of Mack's fish hangin over the side of the boat. Like a flash of lightning Mack swept up that moccasin. He now has Marvin's full attention. While Marvin is focusing on the venemous snake, Mack is focused on the "Devils Horse" lure, which has been the cause of his being out fished. Then without cause or concern, Mack makes a bet with Marvin.  The lure which has made for a heavy stringer of Marvin's bass is now involved in this heated wager.   Before the unsuspecting snake realizes it, his head gets bitten off and handed to Marvin. in Mack's arsenal of tackle is a new Devils Horse and as the beer runs out, this day of fishing comes to a close.  

Life As We Knew It

Out here in the everglades, life has many challenges not the norm. Especially when it's the 1930's. No improved roads or pavement within 25 miles. The bugs and frogs so loud at night you can barely sleep and wildlife so abundant the next generation will never know or hardly believe it really existed in such a magnitude. Life on the edge of civilization comes with many challenges, of which fortitude is key in mere survival.  

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