Mack's Fish Camp & Gladesmen Culture
Mack's Fish Camp & Gladesmen Culture

A Timeline To Our Past



As life may have it and fate as well, this little piece of heaven is what God has chosen for us.

I will start with the chronology of this fine place I am honored to call home.


In 19 20 Nell Zeigler Jones was born in Screven county, Ga.,

In 1926 The Jones family moved from Shaws Creek, SC., to Miami and began farming at 7ave and nw119 st in Miami, 2yrs later they opened a restaurant until it closed in late 1931.

In 1933 the Zeigler family moved to Miami and Nell worked as a seamstress at Blue Ribbon Laundry cleaners for some years

In 1937 Mack Jones sr., my grandfathers father moved to the location now called Mack’s Fish Camp.

At this time he leased or “squatted” the land to work it as a farm and continued to do so until he made enough to purchase the land.

In 1944 Mr. Jones purchased the land and continued to farm collard’s, tomatoes, assorted beans and other “bumper crops” for over a decade.

In 1945 he opened a rudimentary general store for patrons of the “farm” , most of which were fishermen and hunters.

In 1950 Nell and Mack were married and would come to the Fish Camp in the evenings and on the weekends to relieve the rest of the Jones family.

Still selling produce as a primary means of income, supplemented by sale of sodas, snacks, cane poles and row boat rentals.

In 1952 Nell and Mack continued to run business and Mack sr. purchased The Jones Fish Camp as a primary means of his business for himself

1954 the structure was rebuilt and still remains the general store .

1957 Danell was born to Nell and Mack

1961 Carnell was born “ “

1962 Mack, Nell and family move to camp as sole place of residence

1964 first electric and telephone, aluminum rental boats purchased and 1st permanent resident to fish camp in an RV.

In more current times the Fish Camp flourished as a vibrant outpost for Gladesman and visitors alike.


Times here as a child are reminiscent to that of some “Huck Finn” novel. My twin brother and I were able to roam this land with absolute freedom and little concern for any potential harm. God watches over children and fools is what we learned growing up here and let me tell you, that’s the truth.

My earliest memories are of our grandfather (Mack jr.) teaching us to fish, swim, hunt and be responsible for each other. As small children we would run these levees bare foot with fishing pole in hand, at the ready for any opportunity to cast a line. We would frequently get in trouble for breaking our curfews and many other rules, but the experiences we shared on our adventures together far outweighed the swift punishment for our transgressions. While time passed like the rains of a mid-summers storm, we grew up learning the way of the Glades and understood in unimaginable ways how to coexist here and traverse these lands like they were our back yard. To us that’s what the Glades is, our back yard. The limits of our exploration was only limited to the range of our Honda 3 wheelers gas tank.

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